The Surly electric bike

The Surly electric bike or the Surly Big Dummy more specifically is a serious electric bike. This bike is designed with one thing in mind: power. The purpose of this Surly is to be able to handle loads. If you are travelling anywhere with this you can stock it up and it will have no problem moving you and the gear.

The purpose of any electric bike is to add a helping hand to inclines or difficult terrain. It is not a scooter so you cannot just ride on electric - you will only have a certain amount of charge. It is meant to be used in short bursts in conjunction with regular cycling.

This is a stunning electric bike but it has one major downfall: the cost. The Surly Big Dummy has a pretty hefty price - as do most electric bikes - but let's see what you get for it's £2,900 price tag.

All of the important bits are made by the best: Front derailleur: Shimano, Rear derailleur: Shimano Deore, Rear cogs: Shimano 13-30, 7-speed. This guarantees that your gears will pretty much never fail (its's hard to beat Shimano).

The same goes for the braking system: Front Brakes: Tektro Linear Pull, Rear Brakes: Tektro Linear Pull, Brake levers: Tektro with integrated brake switches. Again, super high quality parts.

This bike costs a pretty penny because it is worth a pretty penny. Every part of this bike is crafted by the best in the business. Once you buy one it's a bike for life. Hit up the 'epluselectricbike' website and see if the Surly electric bike is the E-Bike for you.

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