Surface Pro 3 review and rating

Will Microsoft's newest tablet take the place of your laptop as the American firm hope or it it just a rival for the iPad? With a larger screen that its predecessors, more power and more accessories than ever before, this is going to be a Surface Pro 3 review that hopes to demonstrate that the old laptop you're using can be put into the draw for good.

Standout features

If you're looking for outstanding features, the Surface Pro 3 won't disappoint. The "infinite flexibility" of the device's hinge is a feature you'll notice before the Pro 3 powers up. This is one of the features that gives this device an advantage over other similar machines because it's so flexible. You can turn the machine upside down, stand it up or prop it up in just about every imaginable way. Perfect for those awkward places like aeroplane seats and train carriages with small drop down tables.


Another major selling point of the new device, and the sort of thing that makes just about every Surface Pro 3 review, is the pen. This is more than a simple stylus as it has to button: a selector and an eraser, and clicking the top of the pen puts you into Microsoft One Note even when locked. From there, you’ll find far more integration with One Note than on any other device.


The Surface Pro 3 needs both touchscreen and keyboard interfaces so has Microsoft handled both well? The answer is a pleasing yes because the device mixes keyboard, touchscreen and touchpad interfaces effortlessly and perhaps signals the way forward for computer interaction.

Final thoughts

This is a device that will please both professionals and students. It's a device for browsing the web, making Skype calls and having fun online, but it's also one that can be used for work. So this Surface Pro 3 review has to conclude that Microsoft has achieved its aim and produced a tablet PC that can replace the laptop.

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