Surely they're not that stupid?

Now you can never trust the tabloids to be honest Johns when it comes to fair and accurate reporting, and of the red tops The Daily Star has to be, how can we say this, the most reactionary of them all. Which is hardly surprising given it’s published by the same people who produce the Daily Express, but every now and again it staggers you with something new.

Take this story here for instance, which purports to be about a supposed video game based on Raoul Moat’s slayings in the north east of England, showing us the front cover of Grand Theft Auto: Rothbury. It’s clearly a tasteless joke, but The Star, who we’re going to credit with a bit more intelligence than their paper displays, make out as though it’s coming out for release alongside the book of his life, written by Vanessa Howard, and a film.

In fact the film might come out, maybe, if someone buys rights for the story, and no such game exists. That hasn’t stopped them asking the grandmother of Samantha Stobbart, who was shot dead by Moat, what she thought of the game. ‘I can’t believe someone wants to make money out of people who have been killed,’ she said. ‘It is sick – it’s blood money. The game is beyond belief.’ Shameless tabloid nonsense – there is no game, Daily Star, and we’re willing to bet money that you know it.

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