Sure look purdy

Rockstar just keep pumping out the Red Dead Redemption-related fun and frolics for us all to jump around and point at like excited chimpanzees. This time they’ve released another trailer for us to feast our eyes on, although it’s a little bit lacking in gaming info. However, it does introduce us to some more characters in what looks to be a very interesting little game world.

This time we make the acquaintance of the ladies of the American frontier, or should we say the women, as frankly there doesn’t appear much lady-like about any of them (well apart from the devout Christian, but who cares about them, eh?). Whether it’s a hard-talking hillbilly girl or a (hot) Mexican revolutionary, they all look a bit more inspiring than the female characters from Grand Theft Auto, who were restricted to being love interests or sneaky government spies. Despite all the problems the game has allegedly had at Rockstar’s San Diego studio, we’re still crossing our fingers that it’s going to do well, and most importantly, be good. Yee-HAW.

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