SuperWii on the way?

This time last year, people were writing off Nintendo, with Wii and DS sales dropping and competition intensifying from the iPhone in the portable arena. But with the new 3DS apparently flying off shelves - see next story - things might just be looking up for the Japanese gaming giant. And if the latest reports and rumours are true, it's not just in the portable market that Nintendo is about to make a fresh start.

Yes, the Wii 2 could well be upon us. Reports about the successor to Nintendo's highly successful wavy-handy-home console thingy have been bubbling for a while, and now, as CrunchGear puts it, there are so many 'Either a disgruntled employee is seeding these rumors, or it’s deliberate leakage from the big N.' We reckon the smart money's on the latter, and that we'll see a reveal of the Wii 2 / Wii HD / probably another name entirely at the E3 conference in Las Vegas in June.

So what are we expecting? Well, in terms of the raw specs, it's certain to be a big step up from the Wii, which in terms of graphical prowess was always a bit underpowered. It's supposedly going to have a custom three-core processor from IBM, which sounds pretty nifty. It sounds certain that it'll be capable of churning out HD graphics, which given that even our mum has an HDTV these days is probably a good thing.

The real crazy talk, though, revolves around the controller. Some rumours say the new machine will abandon the Wii's motion control for something more traditional. GamesRadar reckons Nintendo's 'now ready to jump the boat just as Microsoft and Sony get on. The money's been made, the fad's dying out.' We'd say this sounds like wishful thinking from the Wii-hating hardcore gamer community, who just want to bash buttons all day and bang on about 'precision' while the rest of us enjoy throwing balls around.

The other controller rumours are much more fun. These state that the Wii2 will have a large touchscreen for a controller, supposedly with a six-inch HD screen. You'd presumably control the action through a mixture of waving the screen around, running your thumbs over it, and pressing virtual buttons the game would create on the screen. Sound kinda amazing. We doubt the six-inch and HD parts - it's more likely, surely, to be something the size of a mobile phone - but the basic principle sounds likely, and would enable DSs and 3DSs to be used as controllers, which you just know Nintendo would like to encourage.

Phew. Confused yet? Us too. We bet there'll be a whole lot more rumour between now and E3, but hopefully then in June we'll know the truth.

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