Super Mini Fun

Wouldn't you love a real-life arcade machine? Sitting there in the corner of your living room, lights flashing, just whispering 'play me, play me.' And what game would you choose? Street Fighter II? Pac-Man? Nah, surely for maximum retro-cool it'd have to be Space Invaders.

Of course, this is not a totally practical idea. Arcade cabinets are very, very big and surprisingly expensive. But what if you could get an adorable mini Space Invaders?

Well, now you can! Observe below the genius of DIYer 'vcoleiro1'.

Looks pretty neat, huh? But here's the coolest bit - it's not just Space Invaders. Under the hood, this is really a Game Boy Advance mod, and you can put any GBA cartridge into it. We don't know about you, but we think that joystick looks oh-so-perfect for Street Figher Alpha 3. The only bad news is that it's not exactly available in the shops, but if you want one, just email vcoleiro@gmail.com and enquire. Warning: you might need to re-mortgage your house.

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