Super Mario creator still a games fan

Nintendo maestro and creator of Super Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto can claim to be among the founding fathers of the modern video game. He is about to turn 60 and remains inspired by the games industry. Indeed he gets quite irritated when reporters ask if he still plays games.

"I still play video games because I still make video games, of course," he told The Guardian. He is still tweaking old games and coming up with new ones. "Just playing the stuff I make myself keeps me very busy."

Now he divides his time between business meetings and overseeing game development at Nintendo. He still enjoys the thrill of finding something new, a motivation that goes back to his very beginnings in the industry.

"Looking back, Donkey Kong is close to me because it was the first game I made where I realised I could actually make a living from this," he said. "Then the title that made games known worldwide was Super Mario Bros. so that's incredibly important to me."

The creation of the Wii Sports game was also important, because it took video games beyond the realm of the games fanatic and into a much broader market. "With this game we kicked off an adventure into something new. I want to be able to do this bold step many times in my life."

Finding that thrill of the new is becoming tougher, as games players (and designers) become jaded. "Yes, it's become more difficult," Miyamoto admits. "In the past it was just, you touch a button and something happens on screen and this was surprising enough to people! Like magic.”

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