Super Easy Galaxy?

Super Mario Galaxy 2 has to be one of our most anticipated games of the year. The first effort was as ram-packed with the usual sort of Mario fun that we’ve come to expect over the years, and from what we’ve seen of the game (you can see a trailer below), it looks like Shigeru Miyamoto has done it again.

The Japanese gaming legend, who is now also a gaming fellow, has recently given an interview to CVG, in which he gave his thoughts on the latest Mario instalment. He says that he while the overall difficulty is harder than the original game, he wanted to make sure the controls didn’t alienate novice players.

‘Novice players often have a hard time getting a grip on how to control their character freely in the 3D world,’ said Miyamoto in an interview with CVG. ‘I'm always trying to improve the system so that whenever we are working on a new 3D action game like Mario Galaxy 2, it's my dream to come up with the perfect control mechanism, so that people can use it intuitively and naturally be able to play around in the world very freely.

‘We have to admit that the difficulty level of Galaxy 2 is rather high because it has been made specifically for the people who have finished Galaxy 1. But when it comes to the accessibility - in other words the easiness to control the Mario character - it's even easier than the original Galaxy 1. It's fun all the time because we are trying to do something unprecedented and unique.’ Let’s hope they get the mix right for the game's release on 11 June.

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