Suitable for Children

Have you wondered what terrible things your children might see while on Facebook, or one of those other god-awful social networking sites? No? Us neither. Microsoft have however, and up until today child accounts on Xbox Live weren’t allowed to access the sites through their machine. That has all changed, and with the latest update, all countries except for the USA will children access to them, as long as there’s parental consent.

‘A few moments ago we've released an update to the Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM applications on Xbox Live for all Xbox Live countries except for the US,’ said the stupidly named Major Nelson. ‘With this update, as promised, if you have a child account and you get parental approval, you'll be able to have access to these applications. At this point, all Non-US Accounts should have access to them at this time. If you have a child account in the U.S., you will receive this update on December 15th, when these applications will appear in your Xbox 360 dashboard.

‘Be sure to set Automatically log in or Remember me when setting up the application for the first time, otherwise you will be prompted for parental permission every time you launch the application.’

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