Suffering from Nintendonitis?

Are your wrists killing you? Well then, you may not only be suffering for excessive shining of the pork bishop. You might have Nintendonitis.

The name may be cute, but it hurts like hell. Nintendonitis is an injury affecting young gamers the world over. It comes from using small Gameboys and joysticks and results in tennis elbow and wrist pain. Ouch!

Nintendonitis has reached new heights since the launch of the Wii. Initially gamers were accidentally trashing their gaffs, getting black eyes and spilling blood in a spate of Wiinjuries. Just look here!

But since then things have reached a whole new level. A bus driver in America has been off work for months with a sports injury after crocking himself playing baseball on the Wii!

Anthony Williams is an example to us all. A 21rst Century arm chair hero, putting his wrists on the line for the greater good of humanity.

Nintendo's official response has been to ask gamers to pace themselves and not over do things. As if!!

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