SuBo tops YouTube's most watched

YouTube has announced what the most watched things on that there internet web video thingy that seems to be popular with the kids these days are, and surprise, surprise, 2009’s biggest musical monster Susan Boyle is topping the charts in a fiendish fashion, with her Britain’s Got Talent debut. Is this a taste of the cultural landscape to come?

Anyway, one good thing to come out of this unholy mess (Christ, JK Wedding Entrance dance? Ugh) is that The Lonely Island’s I’m On Boat made the top five music videos. Here are the lists in full:

Top 5 Most Watched YouTube videos (Global):
  1. Susan Boyle - Britain's Got Talent (120+ million views)
  2. David After Dentist (37+ million views)
  3. JK Wedding Entrance Dance (33+ million views)
  4. New Moon Movie Trailer (31+ million views)
  5. Evian Roller Babies (27+ million views)
Top 5 Most Watched music videos on YouTube (Global):
  1. Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (82+ million views)
  2. Miley Cyrus - The Climb (64+ million views)
  3. Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A (54+ million views)
  4. The Lonely Island - I'm On A Boat (48+ million views)
  5. Keri Hilson - Knock You Down (35+ million views)

‘From a new singer's debut on the world stage to newlyweds dancing down the aisle, YouTube offers everyone a way to experience and share in the big or small moments that touch millions of people around the world,’ said a press release from YouTube.

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