Sublime? Ridiculous?

It may be that no-one wants 3D TV, but that sure isn't going to stop manufacturers making them. Probably no-one wants a 72-inch TV, either, that's not going to stop them making them, either.

So the logical step is: build a 72-inch 3D TV! And lo, it was so. LG, once a budget VCR manufacturer but going great guns in recent years, is the one debuting the monster set at this week's CES conference in the US.

72 inches, just to clarify, is 6 feet. The height of a tall man. Or three times the size of Digitaledge's telly, to put it another way. We can't help but feel anyone wanting that kind of cinematic experience would be better off just getting a projector, but then there's the 3D bit, we suppose. Stick on your special shades and you'll be watching Avatar in the lap of luxury. You'll be a couple of thousand pounds less well-off, though, of course.

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