Stupid-but-fun web tool of the day

Like living-room computers (and pocket computers) and wristwatch mobile phones, robots are one of those things that have been predicted for a long time but never really been as good as hoped until recently. In the last few years, though, while we've been playing with our Apple TVs and iPhones and watch phones, real scientists have been busy making better, more human-mimicking robots.

And one of the areas they've made a lot of progress is in mimicking the functions of the human hand. Hence this fun, if pointless, new tool. Talay Robot lives at the London HQ of Sony Music, for some reason, and specialises in writing. If you send a tweet to @talayrobot, he'll whirr into life and write your tweet out on a whiteboard. Better still, he'll make a video of him doing it and tweet it back to you.

Pointless? Goodness yes. Fun? Rather.

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