Stupid youth alert: don’t film yourself speeding

Tee, hee, hee. An 18-year-old boy-racer has been given a four-month suspended sentence for dangerous driving after someone spotted him on YouTube and told the police. Not content with getting his Astra to do 130mph on the A14 near Ipswich, Danny Hyde had a) filmed the speedometer on his phone to prove how fast he was going, and b) posted it on YouTube. Clever boy!

The video – cunningly disguised behind the title “Danny’s badboy astraaa” – was spotted by an anonymous viewer who emailed it to Suffolk police. With the in-depth understanding of the electronic inter-web for which they’re famous, the rozzers did the rest. When will the kids understand that the grownups can see the internet too?

Oh ok, here’s the video…

(Image: from storem’s flickr stream)

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