Study finds that online games don't lead to social problems

A new study into so-called problem gaming has concluded that gamers are not socially inept nerds. The study was carried out by Dan Loton, a psychology student at Victory University.

The aim of Loton's study was to see if the health of gaming addicts was damaged in the same way as the lives of people addicted to alcohol, gambling or drugs. An online questionnaire was used to compile personality profiles of serial gamers.

Only 15% of the 621 gamers surveyed were 'problem gamers', spending more than 50 hours a week gaming. Loton defined a problem gamer as someone whose life, health and relationships are directly affected by the amount of time they spend online.

But only 1% of the gamers surveyed by Loton suffered social problems which were linked to shyness and not an over reliance on the world of gaming suggesting that the stereotype of the socially inept nerd gamer is outdated.

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