StreetS(l)ide returns

Ah, Bing. We laughed when you launched, thinking nobody could rival Google's dominance in search. But maybe we underestimated you: you're powered by Microsoft, after all, and when Microsoft allows its developers to do cool things, they can be very cool indeed.

Such a thing was 'Street Slide', a powerful rival to Google's Street View Microsoft showed off a preview of back in July. Unlike Street View, it not only showed you the view from a particular spot, but made it super-easy to zoom out and look at a street.

Well, Street Slide has made it - impressively quickly - to the big time. Now dubbed 'Streetside' - shed a little L there, look fabulous - it's the centrepiece of a new version of Bing for iPhone that launched today. No word yet on when it'll come to the web, but given that Microsoft is unlikely to give anything exclusively to its arch-rival Apple, we'd guess 'not long.'

You can't use it to count the bookstores on Charing Cross Rd. yet, though, as it's only got some US locations at present. But with Microsoft's resources, they should get some other cities ready to go soon.

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