Street view mystery

Ah, good old Google Street View. In between stealing people's wi-fi data and enraging piracy campaigners, you've brought us a range of hilarious and bizarre sights, from the singer of the Flaming Lips in the bath to mysterious man-horses in Scotland.

But this one seems genuinely creepy, like a scene from a David Lynch film. Go to the right co-ordinates in Germany and enter Street View, and you find a naked man either climbing out of or getting into a car boot. Nearby, a dog lies on its side on the drive. We're pretty sure it's dead.

What on Earth is going on? Was the man fleeing from his illicit lover's husband, ran over the dog by mistake, and decided to hide? Did the dog die as part of some hideous suburban sex game? We will almost certainly never know, but by god we're having a good time speculating.

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