Street Fighter goodies

A while back we gave you a little teaser trailer about the new characters in Super Street Fighter 4, the highlight among them being the rather amusing Dudley, who appeared to be an old colonial Brit from the mid 19th Century, looking down on all those bizarre dark-skinned animals while becoming quite the tanned gentleman himself. Well now we get to have a look at the man himself in action – complete with daft catchphrases like ‘keep it classy’ while thumping a left hook into Balrog’s face.

Best of all there are a whole load of in-game trailers on the internet, and we’ve got a couple for you here. As well as the aforementioned Dudley (at the bottom), we also have Jamaican stereotype Dee Jay versus Street Fighter stalwart Guile and a whole host of others at this link here. It’s all good stuff.

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