Strange strategy

We hope that the Windows Phone 7 manages to take on the iPhone and break its godawful hegemony of the smartphone market, but we’re not entirely sure that their ad campaign is going for the right tone. As you can see in the video below, Microsoft are marketing their new technology as the phone that will save you from your phone, implying that we spend too much time using them because their systems are so inefficient.

We have a problem with this on two counts: first we’re not sure we’ve ever heard of anyone who would rather look at their phone than have sex, and nor do we see people buried in their phones all the time; even if it’s an exaggeration it’s of something that we don’t think is a genuine trend. Secondly, surely you want your consumers to be using your product as much as possible, right? Why would you want to discourage them from spending more time and money on it? It’s a strange strategy, and not one we think will work.

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