Strange but good

Sometimes a tech company releases a gadget that deviates from the norm. An extra feature, an unusual shape or format - something that breaks the rules. It doesn't always work - often such oddities can be nothing more than gimmicks which leave buyers paying extra for silly features.

But sometimes, a seemingly silly gadget can turn out rather useful. We at Digitaledge reckon that might just be the case with Sony's new S2 tablet.

When the S2 was first spotted a few weeks ago, we'll admit we took one look at its two-screen setup and over-grown-mobile-phone shape and thought 'nah'. Two-screen devices are rarely useful - the software typically doesn't really work, and there's normally too much plastic between the two screens to usefully run any app across them both.

Well, here's a funny thing. A video has leaked of the S2 in action, and.... it kinda works. It's running Honeycomb, the latest tablet version of Google's Android software, and it seems to work perfectly well spread across two screens. And the bezel around the screens is thin enough that it's not too hard to imagine looking at a web page across both of them.

What do you think? Potentially useful, eh? An almost full-size browser that folds up into your pocket. The S2 is expected to launch in the Autumn.

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