Stop using IE

Anyone with their head screwed on knows that using Internet Explorer is a total waste of time, especially when Firefox and Google Chrome make things so much easier, nicer to look at and generally whizzier. Now whole countries are joining in the calls to tell people to stop using that awful browser, casting aspersions on its security. That’s how rubbish it is.

The French government has told their citizens to stop using IE to protect themselves from nasty web crims through Certa, a government agency in France that tracks online threats. They warned that none of the versions of the browsers were suitable for keeping yourself at bay from the cyber villains, saying; ‘pending a patch from the publisher, Certa recommends using an alternative browser.’ Germany said the same on Friday after malicious code was published online.

Microsoft have claimed that these problems are only relevant to IE6, and that people should upgrade to IE8 now if they want avoid problems, saying that IE8 is the most secure browser on the market’.

However, Graham Cluley of security firm Sophos said ‘Microsoft themselves admit there is a vulnerability (to the code which has so far only been exploited in IE6), even in IE8’, and that hackers could easily change the code to target more recent versions of the browser. However, he also warns that switching to Firefox or Chrome won’t be the end of all your problems. ‘If you look at other browsers, it's likely they will have other vulnerabilities,’ he said. So if you’re going to switch, do it for the right reason – aesthetics and ease of use.

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