Stop the press!

Gadgets are fun, but for the most part we can take them or leave them. They’re not going to transform our lives or bring us happiness. Right?
Well, that’s what we thought until we saw the Readius e-paper phone, due to be launched this summer.
Imagine a screen about the size of a postcard. Imagine it automatically downloads all sorts of content – from news to blogs to e-books – and pretty much anything else you ask for. And now imagine you can fold it into a third of its size, to fit neatly in your pocket.
Oh, and that it makes calls and sends texts.
That’s the Readius. And we’ve fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with it.

Now, to be honest, this device is not about to replace your cute little mobile quite yet. It was designed as a way to read on the move, and the call and text functions were added in more as an afterthought. Its real trick is to connect with the Readius portal, which delivers all that lovely content for you to read on your beautiful little screen.

We really, really want one.

(Image: from Gastev's flickr stream)

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