Stop salivating over stereos in shop windows

You don't have to embarrass your partner while walking around the shopping centre this weekend. Salivating outside the front of AV shops like Bang & Olufsen is a thing of the past...you can do it online and they'll be none the wiser. Even better, there are some very nice RSS feeds you can put on your MIX to make sure you really are at the very cutting edge of all audio, visual and home cinema developments.

If you like the idea of bringing the big screen into your living room, Home Cinema Choice has an RSS feed with all the latest developments and tips, while AV Forums will keep you in the loop with their like-minded discussions.

Swotting up on product reviews is much easier via RSS, so add the AV Review feed to your MIX page for advice on the latest audio gizmos. You will become an oracle on all things electronically uber-cool.


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