STOP PRESS: Angelina Jolie joins Twitter

STOP THE PRESS! Angelina Jolie has joined social networking web-tool Twitter. At this stage, not many details are known (to be honest virtually nothing is known) but she HAS secured a Twitter name. Fans of what celebrities eat for lunch hold tight!

Us Weekly, who broke the exciting news, say that to help do a spot of added PR for her incoming movie ‘Salt’ her people have signed her up to Twitter. No details of what the domain is are known, or whether or not she will actually be the human putting thumb to keyboard, but chances are someone, probably a PR type will be Tweeting on her behalf in the coming weeks.

An ambiguous source is even quoted in the article as saying: ‘’Jolie had her people obtain the account for her so no-one else could have that username’.

Exciting times people, we think you’ll agree. Stay tuned for this slow developing story...

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