Stinky Ink toner and ink cartridges

Stinky Ink sells toner and ink cartridges in the UK, through their website stinkyink.com. They are officially known as Solar Electronics Ltd, but trade under Stinky Ink, because of the memorable name. The company offers free next day delivery, or you money back if it is ordered before 4pm. They also promise to resolve any queries within one working day.

The company offers a 6 month guarantee on all their products and offer a variety of payment options, when purchasing ink from them. Another service they provide for the more environmentally conscious person, are freepost labels for recycling empty cartridges, so that they don't end up in a land fill.

A Lexmark Colour Jet 2050 Ink cartridge would cost £36.72 while a Dell A720Black Ink cartridge would cost £16.33. These prices are very reasonable and with the service of free next day delivery, there is no reason not to visit stinkyink.com for all your printer needs.

The site has a very useful search tool, where you can distinguish between ink and toner cartridges, as well as the make and model of the printer. This makes finding the right type of ink you are looking for much easier, as the company has over 4,200 products.

It is also very safe to buy your goods online through this company. They use data cash to process card payments, which means that your details are never stored on their server, or any part of their system. They cannot be accessed or used by any third party.

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