Stick Hero cheats, tips and hacks

Most people who look at Stick Hero for the first time don’t understand the point of the game. Why is a little stick man heroic and what exactly do you have to do to achieve anything? Well, when you’ve got passed that, the game becomes incredibly addictive. So much so that you’ll be looking for Stick Hero cheats, tips and hacks that will help you get further into the game.

Simple game

The gameplay is very simple indeed. All you need to do is to hold the screen as the stick your character’s holding grows longer. There are gaps between small blocky islands that you have to navigate your way over and you need patients while your character’s stick grows long enough to cover the gap. If it’s too long or too short, you’re in trouble so timing is everything. If it’s too short, you end up falling short of the next island. Too long, and your character will bypass the island and fall to his doom.

Bonus points

You need to get your stick dead centre in order to earn bonus points. You’ll need to practice a lot to learn this art. The distance between each island is pretty random so there’s no way of learning each obstacle and then repeating this each time you play. You need to get practiced at this and soon you’ll develop a method that works for you. The game relies on estimations and guesswork so giving tips for it is difficult.


Why not use your fingers to figure out the distance between platforms? This will give you a great idea of how long to make your stick. It’s not very scientific so it’s not foolproof but it will help you get further in the game.

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