Bored online? Check out Stick Games and watch the time disappear

Despite the fact that the internet is the biggest single resource of information ever created by mankind, it's easy enough to run out of things to do online. Fortunately, Stick Games is a great website that offers more fun than you could shake a... well, you know what we mean!

Stick Games has one very simple and exceptionally straightforward premise that everything on it must follow; it must be a game, and it must feature stick men. So, right off the bat you see that it's going to appeal to those who enjoy a certain type of humour.

Fortunately, there's also plenty about it to recommend to those who may not find the idea particularly hilarious, but still want to down to some fun gaming while the boss is on the phone.

The Stick Games website prides itself on offering something fun for almost everyone, with game genres including action, shooting, defence, strategy and guts and gore. Depending on the kind of gameplay you're into, there's sure to be something to tickle your fancy.

Since the games aren't created by a single person, and are instead built by the website's thriving community, each one boasts its own aesthetic, gameplay traits and quality of concept. There are certainly more than a few titles available to play on the site that are far from classics, to put it mildly, but if time wasting is on your agenda, you should be able to glean countless hours from liberal use of the site, allowing you to figure out which games you prefer.

In order to play the games hosted on Stick Games, you're going to need to make sure that you browse to the site (located at stickgames.com) using an Adobe Flash enabled browser, which sadly rules out devices like the Apple iPad.

Aside from that basic requirement however, it's simply a case of deciding which of the many, many games you'd like to try and jumping straight in!

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