Steve Jobs: The Musical?

Steve Jobs is a god! He’s the man who has almost single handedly revolutionized the way in which the planet listens to music thanks to a little plastic box called the iPod. (Although, of course if you work in the music industry, as convenient and aesthetically pleasing the device is, you may beg to differ).

Anyway, on with the life story. The iPod first launched just under 10 years ago and was immediately the must have gift for anyone who likes music, i.e. everyone. Since then it’s sold by the digital store-load, the Apple iTunes store has just clocked up its 10 billionth download in less than 5 years and Steve Jobs is the 21st Century’s definition of success. To further cash in on his dominance, some bright sparks have decided to bring his story to life with a real life stage show in early 2011.

'The Agony and The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs' will show at the Berkley Rep theatre in California between January 14 and February 27 and has been described as ‘the epic story of a real-life Willy Wonka whose personal obsessions profoundly affect our every day lives – and follows the trail to China where millions toil in factories to create iPhones and iPods’.

At least they don't have to spend too much on the wardrobe department - one pair of stone washed baggy blue jeans, one large long sleeve plain fark grey jumper & 1 pair of cheap trainers. Sorted!.

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