Steve Jobs' new Life

'Life,' sang songstress Des'ree years ago. 'Oh life, oh life. Oh life. Doo-do-do-do.'

We couldn't agree more, and the same is clearly true for Steve Jobs. At today's Mac event thingy, he announced a new version of one of Apple's most popular pieces of software, iLife. The ridiculously-monikered suite of applications contains more sensibly named, well-loved software like iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband; and all of those have updates in the new verson that do some cool stuff.

iPhoto has new tools for viewing photo albums, including one ultra-cute one which shows photos rotating on a mobile. iMovie has new features for controlling sound, and a rather nifty mode that automatically assembles trailers for your home movies. And Garageband has faintly depressing new features which auto-correct bad drumming, let you artificially lengthen notes, and which listen to your playing and tell you how to improve.

All in all, it's an evolutionary rather than revolutionary update, but one which will no doubt sell like hotcakes - it's £45, and free with all new Macs.

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