A brand new set of stereo speakers

Stereo speakers are often pushed to the side these days. A lot of people have to have 5.1 or other huge speaker setups. The fact of the matter is, stereo speakers rock! The best way to go is to make sure you tack a sub-woofer on though. As good as the two speakers are, the 2.1 speakers combination is the best!

A lot of people just assume they should go for a 5.1 setup but maybe you don't need one. If you are using your system for loud sitting room movie sessions then by all means go for the 5.1. If you just want the best sounding music you could imagine, stereo generally wins.

For one thing, so few people actually record music in 5.1. There are some albums and it works really well but mainly as a gimmick. There is almost too much going on with 5.1 for music, or at least how they are being mixed. Very few people have gotten it right. Amon Tobin being one of the few.

5.1 are absolutely amazing but they really are wasted on music at the moment. With a really good set of stereo speakers you will find that you get a much better result with your music collection.

At the end of the day a cracking set of stereo speakers will blow the hinges off the doors just as well as a 5.1 system and it'll even whistle a better tune!

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