Stephen Fry reviews iPhone 4

So, ladies, gents and nerds, the iPhone 4 is here - it’s landed, it’s on the shelves at all good (and some rubbish) shops in the UK. Woo! Hoo! I hear you cry - because you want one! Boo! Hoo! I hear you cry - because there’s no way on Gods grean Earth you’re gonna part with 499 notes to get one.

If you’re somewhere in between the two, and undecided about whether you should get one or not, then tech-geek and all round good egg, Stephen Fry has done a very easy-on-the-eye review of the new toy for you. Before you even read the first line you know our Stephen will not only love the iPhone 4, but he’ll drool over it’s gloriously new features such as FaceTalk (video calling), HD Camera, Multitasking, it’s sleek body, it’s new and improved battery, the Retina screen etc. Anyway, he likes it a LOT, Head over to here to drool for yourself.

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