Stealth car

In our opinion, Lifecar – the new hydrogen-burning sports car – is a shoe-in as the next Bond-mobile. Not only is it sleek, gorgeous (and a teeny bit phallic, too), high-tech and even reasonably fast, but it also has something that most Bond cars singularly lack – a stealthy, near-silent engine.

Now, we all know the growl of a traditional sports car is very satisfying. Surely, though, when Bond is pulling up to the villain’s secret hideout he doesn’t want to advertise his presence. Or does he?

The £1.9 million Lifecar project has delivered a car that can do 250 miles on one tank of hydrogen, and aims to harness 50% of the energy wasted when braking to recharge its batteries. And, what with all the explosions Bond has caused over the years, doesn’t he need to reduce his carbon footprint a little? Look no further, 007…

(Image: from Morgan Motor


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