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Inflation is increasing, interest rates rising and energy bills are soaring. What's the best way to stay on top of your finances? First up, add MoneyExtra's new RSS feed to your Excite MIX page, for regular news and advice from the experts. It will give you some useful finance tips - you'll also find the feed tucked in the Business category of your MIX feed directory, under "Add Content".

There's an interesting article on the news section at the moment about the recent national sport of Council Tax Rebanding. Before you think of jumping on the rebanding bandwagon, it would be worthwhile giving it a read to make sure you're aware of any backfire effects.

Also a quick refresher: make sure you're not paying too much for your credit cards. The easiest way to check is with a comparison service. Look no further for a fast way to find out if you're paying too much.

Same goes with your mortgage, and the often publicised loan repayments.

It may seem like a hassle making sure you're not paying over the odds for financial services, but it's well worth a quick online comparison if it's going to save you some extra beer money at the end of the month.


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