State of Decay for Xbox

State of Decay is a new zombie survival game produced by Undead Labs for Xbox 360 and Microsoft systems. Unlike other zombie survival games, State of Decay focuses on survival tactics: evasion, stealth, distractions, securing resources and moving through an indepth world rather than combating zombies. The game is played as an open sandbox world to allow players to explore opportunities and scenery freely.


Civilisation and 'life as we know it' has been destroyed by a zombie outbreak, the standard line for any zombie survival game. You play Marcus, a store clerk who finds the world has entered the apocalypse after a hunting trip. As you move through the game and encounter other survivors, you have the opportunity to play new characters and explore the world looking for new resources, bases, friendships and means of staying alive.

The finer details of the game's storyline are yet to be released. Undead Labs have stated that the concept behind State of Decay is to allow players to explore their own zombie survival tactics; in a world where everyone watches horrors and participates in zombie survival games, many of us have developed or imagined our own techniques to survive a zombie outbreak. State of Decay allows players to enact their tactics creatively in a dynamic open plan world.


Traditional survival games are usually third or first person shooters with a variety of items available, including guns, to attack the oncoming zombie hordes. State of Decay, however, focuses on real situations; players must use stealth, tactics and build friendships to survive imaginatively in the world. Little resources are available so players must also be creative in how they acquire what they need and where they can find it from. To establish the game as a 'real life what-if scenario', developers have included a variety of obstacles and challenges for players. Players can jump on and drive cars, drive through windows, use basic tools to attack zombies, and even raid stores to pick up any items they need. The apocalyptic world is your oyster!


State of Decay is a dynamic real-time open sandbox world. Events happen as they would in real life, with days and nights passing and content is adjusted based on the actions you make in the game. Zombies are attracted to noise and activity and can follow players as they set up forts or plan raids on certain areas - one day you think you're safe, but the morning could bring a completely new challenge.

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