Starting to get addicted to Twittervision

So you've probably heard about Twitter by now. You know, the delightfully, annoyingly addictive service that shows you soundbytes second by second of what all your chosen friends are doing (WebTwitcher hint: don't accept requests from all and sunder. You'll end up driving yourself crazy.)

Now I've become addicted to Twittervision which maps out on the world who's saying what via Twitter and where.


Twittervision describes itself as a real-time geographic visualisation of posts to Twitter - Samuel Morse meets Carl Jung.

There is an extremely apt quote in the About section: ""What Hath God Wrought?" — Samuel F.B. Morse, 1844". WebTwitcher couldn't agree more and will get back to work when she can tear her eyes away from the screen.

By the way, apparently someone who uses Twitter is, technically speaking, a Twit.


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