Start planning now for your second digital life

If recent stats from Gartner are anything to go by (thanks for the heads up Nano Marketing), we have 3.5 years left to happily live out our real life, before a healthy chunk of our time is taken up living out our second, digital, life on the web.

Apparently 80% of web users will have some form of digital second life (not necessarily on the Second Life which you should certainly check out if you've not seen it).

In the same research comes the prediction that the top 500 enterprises will also have a second digital presence on the web by then. Interesting stuff when you consider that when WebTwitcher looked at the Second Life stats today there were 6.2 million registered users, and $1.4 million had been spent in the last 24 hours.

If you've ever daydreamed about setting up on your own, why not give it a go in your second digital life? You could become the next virtual Donald Trump if you play your digital developing cards right.

It certainly is an interesting prediction which has implications for us regular web users as well as the big corporations. Where will we be spending our money? How will we be wooed into creating and actively using a second life? Thoughts and predictions?


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