Staples Fujitsu laptop range

Staples offers a variety of office supplies, including electronics and laptops. They also provide a small range of Staples Fujitsu laptops for a competitive price and frequently add new laptops to their range, including discount laptops. If you're looking for a discount Staples Fujitsu laptop, then head to your nearest store (discount laptops vary per retailer). You might not find the best deals and end of line laptops online but it's likely a local store might have a few discount models available. Here's the current laptops listed on the Staples site from Fujitsu, which should be available in every store:

Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 i3 Notebook

The Staples Fujitsu Lifebook laptop is a state of the art slim-line model laptop with a choice of various gloss colours. The screen is a high definition LCD screen with anti-glare in 16:9 widescreen format and, coupled with a powerful Intel graphics card, offers a high definition resolution and excellent display. The memory for this model is 3GB RAM and a 250GB SATA 5400 RPM hard drive, which allows a lot of storage for media files and enough memory to run memory-intensive programmes without crashing the entire system like most notebooks do. As a notebook model the Lifebook offers more hard drive space, memory and graphics which is relatively rare for notebook models. However, the laptop isn't as portable as notebook lines are expected to be, because the additional hard drive space, memory and graphics components add extra weight and decrease battery life. The current price offered by Staples for the Fujitsu Lifebook laptop is £349.99.

Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 i5 Notebook

The second Staples Fujitsu laptop is another Lifebook model but offers an additional 320GB hard drive from the previous model. The display is 15.6" with Windows 7 installed, including McAfee security protection. Despite being considered a notebook this model is excellent as a desktop PC replacement with a good graphics card and memory for multimedia use. However, like the i3 model, this laptop isn't as portable as a notebook should be because of extra weight from more components and offers little more than the i3 model for the jump in price. This laptop retails at £460.00 from Staples.

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