Stalled out of the gate?

Oh dear, oh dear. The poor Americans waited years to get a taste of Spotify. Now, just weeks after the US launch, their fun could come to a premature end - by a lawsuit.

The company is being sued by a US company called PacketVideo, which says it has a pretty broad-sounding patent relating to digital music.

'The claim has popped up a mere two weeks after Spotify launched in the US, with PacketVideo claiming that the Spotify is violating a patent is has for a "Device for the Distribution of Music in Digital Form" and says that it informed Spotify of the patent in May,' reports TechRadar. 'If the lawsuit holds up, Spotify could face a ban in the US or be forced to cough up hefty licensing fees.'

Of course, this kind of patent dispute isn't rare in the US, and that claim sounds suspiciously vague to us. But even if it just causes a temporary pause in Spotify's US service, it'll be terrible news for them.

The good news, though, is that there shouldn't be any risk to the European service. Though the European wing of the company is involved in the suit, a US court shouldn't be able to interrupt the European service. Hopefully.

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