St Patrick's Day on Second Life

Can't make it to Ireland for St Patrick's Day? Well don't worry, help is at hand. Thanks to Tourism Ireland you'll be able to enjoy virtual pints of the black stuff with people from all over the world.

On Sunday the Irish tourist board are hosting a virtual St Patrick's Day parade in the online world of Second Life. The parade will bring the curtain down on a three day internet advertising campaign.

The Central Marketing Director of Tourism Ireland, Mark Henry, said that the aim of the campaign was to attract more people to visit Ireland for real. "We are very excited about the world's first virtual St Patrick's Day parade - it's an innovative and interesting way to present the island of Ireland as an attractive holiday destination to a new audience."

Dublin is one of the top destinations for the virtual tourists on Second Life but it's not clear if the virtual St Patrick's Day celebrations will include the vomit covered streets and drunken chip shop punch-ups which make the day so special in the real world.


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