Squeal like a weasel - yet more GTA goodness

Grand Theft Auto fans, and there are many, will no doubt be delighted with what they’re seeing for the episode of DLC for GTA4, The Ballad of Gay Tony. The first trailer looked ace, and the play-throughs which high falootin’ game mags have managed to get their hands on have told us just how mental and daft the new game will be.

So it’s just as well, that a new trailer has been released, complete with breaking news from everyone’s favourite FOX News mickey take, Weasel News. Not only do we hear how we’re ‘dodging reform’ and ‘not caring’ about a liberal broadcaster taken hostage by terrorists, we also see the new weapons in action, including military helicopters, sticky bombs and crazy mad shotguns that will take anyone out in a flurry of bullets. It’s safe to say that we’re licking our lips and panting in anticipation.

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