You maybe have experienced some annoying Facebook nonsense recently, with their irritating changing of settings that you have to manually opt-out of rather than offering you the option of changing your setting as you see fit. In the past they did this under the auspices of making things simpler, but now they're not even bothering with a flimsy pretext like that.

This time they're planning on sharing your private data, your name, your photo and your friend list with a group of third-party websites (for the dubious benefit of being able to have a 'like' button on other sites), only this time they’re making it automatic. Which frankly is a horrible way to treat people’s personal data, is it not?

Our advice to you is to keep 'em peeled for when this policy comes into effect, and opt-out immediately. Either that or take yourself off Facebook completely and remove all its benefits, like your friends’ annoying status updates, from your life. That might be tricky.

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