Spy games at GCHQ

The British spy agency GCHQ is going to embed recruitment advertisements in video games, hoping to attract "computer-savvy, technologically-able, quick-thinking" people into its service. The ads will appear as billboards in selected console games when they are played online.

We think there might be a little over-promising problem here. For £39.99 a game makes you into a superhuman commando with a dazzling range of weaponry, vehicles and skills, not to mention a restart button. In real life you could turn up on your first day expecting an interview with Q and get a shock. Instead of Bond missions you could be faced with spending the next 30 years sitting in an office transcribing other people’s phone conversations about what they need from the shops. With just the thought of the Civil Service pension to keep you going.

What’s more, one of the chosen games is Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent (ie an agent who works for both sides).

Have the egg-heads at GCHQ really thought this through?

(Image: from shanewarne_60000’s Flickr stream) 

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