Spy games

Government intelligence gathering agency GCHQ will soon be launching an ad campaign across Xbox Live which will be looking to recruit the gaming world’s top sleuths for their own (possibly nefarious) aims.

The six-week ad campaign will include ads on the main dashboard and within games, with them even being nice enough to offer some free GCHQ themes and gamer pictures. Whether this drive will result in anything other than a few fat Splinter Cell experts twisting their ankles while trying to climb along the office ceiling to the interview remains to be seen.

For their part, GCHQ (who also work with the proper spooks at MI5 and MI6) feel that the 18-34 age group who make up a huge portion of Live’s user base are who they want to recruit, and that the qualities needed for the work that they are involved in were ‘reflected in game-play experience on Xbox, such as quick thinking, problem solving and team work.’

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