Spring cleaning

Google's Android operating system has improved over the years so it's now a worthy rival to Apple's iOS. And as it's got better and more popular, so the number of apps available has increased. But there's still one big problem - finding them. The Android Market, Android's equivalent of Apple's App Store, has always been a bit useless, with the best apps buried amongst lots (and we mean lots) of crappy ones.

But now! It will, apparently, be a bit better. Buried amid the flurry of announcements at Google's I/O conference this week (Android 3.1! Android 4.0! Android controlling your cooker! Android accessories!) was the news that Google has had a little fiddle with the Android market to ensure it's marginally less hellish trying to find popular apps. They're adding a new view to see the most popular new apps, localising things more by country, and making the 'editor's choice' section more prominent.

These small changes, which should be visible immediately, should go a little way to making the Android market less, well, rubbish. Now all Google has to do is fill it up with 'Honeycomb' tablet apps...

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