Spreading the love

Microsoft have announced that they’re going to be spreading out the launches of their Facebook, Last.fm and Twitter add-ons to Xbox Live in order for fans to get to grips with them one at a time.

Microsoft had previously announced that they were all coming in the autumn, which techy people like us took to mean at the same time. But we were wrong; dead, dead wrong.

‘We'll spread them out to a degree, although obviously they're all launching in the autumn,’ said an Xbox spokesperson to CVG. ‘We want to try and not put them on top of each other, so each can have its own breathing space.’

When they do arrive they will certainly change the way Xbox Live is used, providing a greater interaction with people on your friends lists who you didn’t have on your Live list, allowing you to post tweets and status updates through your Xbox and upload screenshots to show your mates.

You can have a look at a vid from E3 showing you how the systems will work, but a better video is at the CVG website, so follow the link below if you want to check it out.

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