Spotify – The Next Generation

Music streaming services on the internet are at a very key point in their very short career to date; whoever gets in ‘right’ could expect to be the dominate player in the market till kingdom come - i.e the next Google. Leading the charge by a considerable distance is Spotify and today it announced deets of what to expect in the next OS update.

The changes in 0.4.3 Spotify have been described by them as a ‘next generation’ upgrade and focuses on integrating social networking sites such as Facebook as well as its users' personal iTunes music library – basically there’s no better way to share what you’re listening to with your friends.

If you haven’t tried Spotify yet, then you must. It’s a two tier model; the first being 100% free for you to listen to a gazillion songs with minor adverts every 20 mins and the second, for the price of a cigarette, is advert free. What's not to like? And no, we don’t work for Spotify.

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