Spotify launches download service

We always said that iTunes was a dreadful piece of software, and that if there was another way to manage our music on our infernal Apple devices then we would drop iTunes like a hot brick.

So let’s all say hooray for Spotify, who have launched their new music download service, and will let you sync your downloaded MP3 playlist bundles directly to your iPod classic, nano or shuffle. Best of all you can now sync playlists wirelessly without a premium subscription, although given how much it costs you’re probably better off with the subscription. Here’s the price breakdown:

  • 10 tracks for €9.99 or €1.00 per track (£7.99 or just under 80p per track)
  • 15 tracks for €12.99 or €0.87 per track (£9.99 / 67p)
  • 40 tracks for €30.00 or €0.75 per track (£25 / 63p)
  • 100 tracks for €60.00 or €0.60 per track (£50 / 50p)

‘From today, Spotify really is the only music player you'll ever need,’ said Spotify CEO Daniel Elk. ‘Our users don't want to have to switch between music players, but they do want to take their playlists with them wherever they go, on a wider range of devices, more simply and at a price they can afford. Now we've made that possible on one of the world's most popular consumer devices.’

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