Spotify for console rumours brutally destroyed

A little tingle shimmied its way through our extremities earlier today with the rumour that music streaming service par excellence Spotify would be winging its way over to the world of consoles. ‘What an excellent idea,’ we thought. ‘Let’s write an article about that.’ So we did, only for halfway through the process for it to be revealed by Spotify themselves to be a load of old nonsense.

This was a double kick in the goolies, as to only did we lose a great idea that never existed, we had to re-write the entire article. If we get our hands on the internet rumour scamp we will wring his scrawny little neck, that’s for damn sure. Just look at the fibs he tricked us with on Baxy-Z, the little bugger.

‘Since Spotify has really propelled into the industry and successfully launched on all sorts of platforms, I thought it'd be best to let you know that we have something in the works for the next gen consoles,’ said the sneaky little scrote ‘We've been working on it for some time now and we can't wait to reveal it to you guys!’

‘We've always said that we want to be on as many devices as possible so that we can bring music to where ever [sic] our users are,’ said a Spotify spokesman, bursting our bubble entirely. ‘But there's no truth to these 'anonymous' rumours about Spotify coming to game consoles any time soon.’ Bah, boooo and humbug.

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