Spotify coming to your gogglebox

We are truly living in a technological age, with new products such as the iPhone 4, iPad and other things that aren’t Apple (we can’t think of any) being unveiled ever other day. A prime example of this is Spotify, the music streaming service which allows users to play any song or album from any artist they want for free.

It started in the UK 2 years ago and has since gone from strength to strength. Today the Swedish based company announced it is to make another groundbreaking leap by making Spotify available to use through your TV. Spotify's business development chief, Faisal Galaria said of the incoming TV app: ‘we’re receiving a lot of interest from a number of consumer electronics providers, including TV companies, in the UK and beyond. Access to music in the living room is extremely important to Spotify and our deal with TeliaSonera is just the first step.’

There are no firm plans as yet for the service to come to the UK, but it's a question of when rather than if. People, the future has arrived - well, once Spotify pull their chubby fingers out and give us proper music telly.

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