Spotify coming to iPhone?

There’s yet another reason to get your hands on one of those shiny iPhone things that seem to be so popular these days. Spotify have applied to Apple’s iTunes App Store for its first mobile service. Yes, you heard us right, Spotify could be coming to the iPhone. Ooooooooh.

This Spotify/iPhone coming together is bound to send techy bods and web nerds all a flutter with the sheer techy-webbyness of it all. The service will be free to download, though if you actually want to use it you’ll have to sign up to a premium account. Sneaky.

So what do you get? Well, it’s Spotify, so you get loads of lists of music to listen to, you can stream music and also create offline playlists so you can play music without a connection. Neat. Want to see more? Well check out the vid below, it’ll explain everything.

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